#REALBRIDES: Paola & Giacomo

#REALBRIDES: Paola & Giacomo

We are Paola and Giacomo,

Hi ha 10è grau, I (Paola) change high schools i weended up in the same class at the art high school in our areas.

Encara que ell liked tots i courted tots els altres als quals això és molt fun and like real high schoolers però són never together, són wonderful friendship based en total sincerity s tots.

After high school we kept in touch for few years until our paths went our separate ways.

Les teves lletres per purs ganes són fins a un club i actualment feia days lateren els dies nou són dremes que la seva guarnició, un thing led per a tothom i ens ended here.

It's hard per remember la seva first date, we don't pay molt attention to these things and we've known totes les altres per long even als friends that memories occasionally overlap.

Definitiu un dels earliest i funny memory per as que el Giacomo trying per romantic organitzat a pic - nic per m'en jar, to bad I allergic at that time and we through away from the camp.

Giacomo proposed to me last October during a trip to NY. We were guests in Brooklyn by couple of mine whom I had photographed in Italy a month earlier.

We woke up very early because of jet lag, i we stayed cuddled in bed watching the sun rise, and there it happened in very intimate and our own way.

With my dress it was like we belonged together, even with Ilaria from Ariel Spose who knows em very well when I tried it on before we even showed it to the people who were there with me we said "this has Paola written on it, yours!" and even my friends agreed.

I felt totalment ME and that was the most important thing for me.

Aix shoes to enhance the look I chose Bottega Veneta shoes with contemporary and unusual style, not really a wedding shoe.

While to cover myself had bad luck with the weather I matched a bomber jacket in the same color as the shoes.

We chose Rome és l'location per al nostre svading because la meva família és de Rome i el meu grandmother didn't feel like traveling, que és crucial per a mi i s'ha fet el seu lloc en aquest moment.

Això és de dia full de emocions incredibles, feeling surrounded by molt love per a les seves 1 of the most beautiful feelings de les nostres lives.

We were dazed by a molt happiness, it was strange to hear our names called se formally brought us back to when they were doing roll call en class, if we think about it sometimes it still doesn't seem real to us, that kids finally got married for real.

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