Collection: ANTESIS

Anthesis: moment in which the flower opens and is available for pollination.

The SS23 collection wants to reflect the power of regeneration and healing of nature, from its purity. Strength, openness and sensuality, which is also manifested by women in all their stages. Femininity in essence.

Each body is a temple, a refuge, a home, the beginning of a whole. Hug yourself, caress yourself and nourish your soul. Love manifests the language of truth, in a flow of gestures and glances. Love is you, it is us.

Share it, without hurry. Share it, always, with you. Make the purest love bloom. Love sustains, reveals and nourishes. Love is and love you are.

Carolina Otaduy is inspired by the female lineage, honoring each of the women who build the path of life. A ritual of empowerment, which leaves behind old structures and roots a new present. Designs that evoke nature: incorporating new fabrics, which together with a great job of design, pattern making and tailoring, allows us to see fluidity, movement and sophistication in them.

The collection Anthesis born to reveal new beginnings.