For this occasion we will tell the story of our lovewarrior Ana, a story full of magic where life clearly surprises us at the least expected moment.

"I went to live in London on August 28, 2014, when I arrived I had nothing... My relationship of more than 10 years had just ended, I couldn't find a job as an engineer, I had no one I knew nearby, It was a very tough situation!

I started working as an aupair for an English family, and there I met what is now one of my best friends, Sara, she was taking care of two children who lived next to the house of the girl I was taking care of, and they went to school together. After a few months my friend Sara was looking for an apartment in the big cityBy chance he found a centrally located apartment at a very good price, the only problem was that it was an apartment where only boys lived!

She insisted that I please accompany her to see the apartment., because he was a little embarrassed, so there I went! We were greeted by 2 of his colleagues, only one was missing... the one who is now my husband! Sara loved the apartment so she decided to sign the contract, And what better way to celebrate than to have a "house-warming party"? that same Friday!

On April 10, 2015 I arrived with a nice bottle of wine very excited, y When I opened the door and saw him sitting there in an armchair, it was like a crush... we were stunned, looking at each other without saying anything. After breaking the ice, we talked for a long time and she told us that in three weeks he would return to Spain for goodHe already had his return tickets. Sara asked me at one point when we were alone if I liked her, and if so, that I should not stop falling in love because it was only for three weeks... And that's when we started to get to know each other!

Three weeks were enough to realize how much you can love someone.. To teach me that happiness does not depend on anyone but oneself, to teach me that happiness does not depend on anyone but oneself. convince me that dreams do come true, to remind me that I do deserve everything good that happens to me and to force myself to enjoy and live each day as if it were my last.

And those three weeks came to an end... and returned to Spain. I couldn't ask him to stay, it had to be his decision, and after two months in Spain he decided to come back to London for me. ... and became the serendipia most wonderful we could imagine!

And everything became a dreamI got my first engineering job, the love of my life was by my side, and we met a lot of friends who became our " family". After 4 yearsOn May 12, 2019 in front of Tower Bridge (his favorite view of London) he asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, and after I went blank for a few minutes.... ¡le dije que sí!

Y el 08.08.2020 our first "I love you" turned into an "I do", which like most important things in life was a little bit scary., but it was worth the risk! And there is no doubt that at the most unexpected moment someone comes along who changes your life forever, and every day at his side becomes the best day of your life!

Without a second's hesitation, I would choose OTADUY every day of my life!Thank you so much for being part of the happiest day of my life!

How does this story of our #lovewarrior leave you?

Thank you Ana for giving us the confidence and affection to accompany you on this special day of your life..

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