#REALBRIDES: La boda de Anaïs & Carlos

#REALBRIDES: Anaïs & Carlos's wedding

Otaduy Real Bride

I am Anaïs, I am 31 years old and I work as a teacher and speech therapist. My husband's name is Carlos, he is 32 years old and works as an electronic engineer.

We have been surfing life together for 5 years and 4 years living together with two cats that we couldn't love more.

On October 16, I found Carlos on Instagram, he seemed super cute and cool, so without knowing him I decided to give him a few likes . He responded to me via DM with “ cool ”. From that moment on we started talking and he suggested meeting me on Sunday of that same week to skate in the port of Valencia.

My past self had ALWAYS seen little or nothing romantic about meeting someone online and completely refused, but life takes many turns.

On Sunday, October 22, 2017, we met at 6:00 p.m. in the port of Valencia to skate with our skates.

I arrived a few minutes early. Then he appeared with his skater vibe. At that moment what I thought was: “ This is too perfect and it has just begun, don't create expectations or get into trouble because later the disappointments will come... ”. (I think the movies have done me a lot of harm)

After skating for a while we went to a restaurant in front of Las Arenas beach to have some beers. We chatted for a while until it was time for dinner. We returned to the car with the intention of saying goodbye, we gave each other our phones and he suggested we go to dinner. It seems that he had little use for spending the entire afternoon together hahaha...

But the truth is that I didn't want the date to end either, so I accepted and suggested going to a Moroccan man I knew. We had dinner alone at the restaurant and then it was time to say goodbye. And yes, there was a kiss, a slightly shy kiss but he gave me everything necessary so that from that day on I became very addicted to his kisses and to him.

A date that started on wheels couldn't go wrong!

Otaduy Real Brides

    It was the Easter holidays and we were in Lanzarote. We went to the Rio viewpoint where we were going to take a photo. While I was waiting with my back to the camera contemplating the landscape, he grabbed me from behind, showed me the ring box and I immediately started crying: POOOOOR FIIIIN!!!!

    I've been waiting for that moment for a long time. On other trips we have taken (there have been quite a few), in my head it was the perfect moment, but it never came. I managed to get the idea out of my head no matter how excited I was and he still assured me that he was clear that he wanted to marry me, but don't see what it cost him to jump in hahahaha...

    It may be true that “things happen when you least expect them.”

    Anais & Carlos

    I have always wanted to get married and organize my wedding, so I had been saving ideas for a while for when the time came. In this folder there were many Otaduy style dresses, so when I met the brand I had no doubt that it would be the one to accompany me on one of the most important days of my life.

    For me it represents elegance and simplicity.

    Anais with her Otaduy wedding dress

    Anais enjoying her Otaduy wedding dress

    You know when you create very high expectations that you know are not going to be met? Well, it surpassed them, it was PERFECT, just as I imagined it throughout the 5 months that I was organizing it.

    The idea was a simple wedding but taking care of every detail, and we achieved it. One of the most repeated phrases was "this wedding is so you", my eyes shone when I heard it.

    For each other: Anais and Carlos being themselves on their wedding day

    Infinite happiness from our girlfriend Otaduy

    I will remember my wedding day as excitement, endless smiles, sparkle in the eyes, family, friends, US, happiness... One of the most important days of our lives shared with our people, you couldn't ask for more.

    Anais's wedding dance with her Otaduy wedding dress

    Oaduy Love Warriors

    Anaïs shows off a full Otaduy look: Cyrus Skirt and Ceres Top

    Photo Norwud Photography

    Film @pequenotimmyfilmsandweddings

    Ceremony Planner Meraki Plan

    Wedding Planner @martalunacuevas

    Beauty Gala Philippe

    Venue @masdealzedo

    Shoes Flordeasoka

    Flowers @floristeriasayas

    Catering @cocottetecatering

    Music @somosgentedebien @totperlaire

    Cosmetic Treatment Dr. Paz Martin

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