#REALBRIDES: La Boda de ANA & DANI entre los viñedos del Penedés.

#REALBRIDES: ANA & DANI'S WEDDING among the vineyards of the Penedés.

"Let the heart not go out of fashionMay the autumns gild your skinMay every night be a wedding nightDo not put on the honeymoon"
Joaquín Sabina

9 del 9, a magic number for those who believe in numerology, they say that it possesses a special energy since it 9 is considered to be the number of perfection and universal love.. And the truth is that September 9, 2022 was the most magical day of our lives. 

Our story began just over 6 years ago in Barcelona, and from the first day I saw him I knew he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We got engaged one afternoon in July 2021 in Playa del Beso in Formentera, we were traveling with our best friends, Nuria & Marc (who also officiated our wedding) and just when the sun was about to hide in the Mediterranean waters, Dani approached me with our little Gara in his arms and, with ring in hand and knee in the sand, he asked me to marry him. My face of surprise and joy, together with the tears that kept falling, said it all. 



We didn't want a standard wedding, so we told the guests to be prepared for everything, hence the hashtag #AToQueSí, because they were coming to a big party! And so it was!!!

I am from Alicante and Dani is Catalan, you can imagine the fun, I called my lifelong friends, the Alicante, at 1 o'clock in the Masia to dress and make up all together, between glasses of wine and champagne they gave us 6:30 in the afternoon, time when the rest of the guests began to arrive and of course the groom, Dani, who also dressed in the Masia but on the opposite side to mine. Before going down to the ceremony, Dani gave bouquets to her closest friends and I gave a sunflower to mine.

The entrance to the ceremony was magical, Dani entered accompanied by his mother to the rhythm of the song "Tant de Bo" by SU, then I entered accompanied by my mother with the song "90 minutos" by India Martinez and Vanesa Martí (in Ot's photos you can see Dani crying very tender) and finally our little Gara, 2 years old, entered with Dani's father, then we got excited with Izal in the background and his "Pequeña Gran Revolución".

The ceremony was celebrated among vineyards and officiated by our best friends Mark and Nuria. All our family and friends attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was followed by a cocktail reception with music by @john_jacobsen, a real highlight, as it was a surprise gift from one of our friends. And for dinner we organized games and battles between the tables, so you will see us in the photos with microphones and customized groups. The end of the night you can imagine, in fact there are almost no photos, hehehehe! We finished with the open bar dj and live concert by @lucesdeneonmusic.

The next morning, Dani and I woke up, looked at each other's faces and asked each other what just happened? I'm on cloud nine, what about you?

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