Who says brides can't be comfortable on their wedding day?

The most important thing for a bride is to be comfortable on one of the most important days of her life. and for this nothing better than the comfy style.

But... what is comfy? We can translate it as : "As comfortable as if you were at home, as stylish as if you were somewhere else."

In OTADUY we join this trend and propose designs with minimalist lines, nothing overloaded or ostentatious, made with fabrics that caress the body and accompany each of the bride's movements.

This trend is gaining ground and every day we are more demanding in terms of comfort and feeling comfortable with what we wear.


At OTADUY we have always defended that being comfortable on your wedding day is not an option, it is IMPRESSIVE. We do not want any bride to have the feeling of 'feeling dressed up', we always remind you that we are unique and special.

Our fabrics are of the highest quality, and thanks to custom tailoring, we get each design to fit the body of each of our #lovewarriors, and achieve our goal ... that you feel free on your wedding day! Also every garment we create is designed to allow you perfect mobility, so you can jump, laugh, sing, dance... enjoy!

Only one question remains to be answered, how do i create my comfy bridal look? We help you:

  • Comfy dress: ask for an appointment and once in the atelier try on different models of dresses until you get that love affair. to feel amazing between the comfort and the beautiful reflection of the mirror. Bend down, walk around and make movements to check that the design fits you and that you feel comfortable.

  • Accessories: avoid overloaded looks, remember that less is more. and for a comfy style, simplicity is the key.

  • Shoes: The most important thing for brides is to find total comfort in footwear. on their wedding day, so more and more brides are opting for sneakers, sandals or wedges, keep the party going

With these keys to comfy bridal style you can achieve your dream look without sacrificing comfort, Are you in?


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